Nancy Spivey Career Coach


Founder of Ready Set Resumes
Career and Professional Development Coach & Trainer

Nancy brings over 15 years of experience in the career services arena.  Her career development profession started out in the staffing arena where she served as an account manager and recruiter serving both job seekers and hiring managers.  Being very successful in the business and seeing many struggle, she decided to create a workshop to teach other staffing professionals how to excel.   Nancy worked with the Georgia Association of Personnel Services to share the program with their members. After she started leading the workshops, she realized something that she had not known about herself previously.  She found out that she loved to stand up in front of people and present training programs.  With that new “Ah-hah”, Nancy started speaking and training and earned membership into the National Speaker’s Association.  She then became trained as a professional coach.  It’s a good thing she did because she ended up being “Laid Off” from her job during the IT bust. At the time, she was not so happy about the lay off; however, she says that it was the best thing that ever happened to her because now she has been able to assist so many people in successfully pursuing their careers.  Someday she plans to write a best selling book titled, “Laid Off, Where Life Begins”.
An energetic meeting facilitator, trainer, and coach, Nancy has worked with thousands of clients including professionals, executives and students.  Her experience in the job market, working with employers, interviews, resume writing, cover letters, presentation skills and marketing along with her insight, talent and energy coupled with practical techniques, tools and training concepts produces immediate results.  Nancy actively works with Atlanta's hiring managers and recruiters and contracts with the Atlanta Regional Workforce Board to provide career coaching and training in various career centers in the metro Atlanta area and within organizations and also works with the OJT (On the Job Training) program.
Nancy obtained her B.S. in Business Management from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and her coach training through CTI (Coaches Training Institute).
Fueled by her desire to help individual and organizations experience transformation over just simply dealing with change, Nancy founded Transformation Consultants, Inc. in 2001. Sparked by her passion for collaboration and implementation through mastermind groups Nancy also co-launched Best Business Minds in 2009, which provides a unique mix of mastermind groups, education and coaching with a focus on implementation that gets results. She also is also the co-creator of “Become THE Recognized Expert”, which teaches business professionals how to gain greater visibility, credibility and significantly boost their bottom line.