Nancy, I wanted to express my thanks for helping me get the job of my dreams! Your guidance and expertise with resume writing, interviewing as well as your encouragement and positive energy, has really given me the edge and confidence I needed to get me to where I am now. Many Thanks, Dyan

Hello Nancy, I just wanted to update you on my status. I will be done next week with my state exam. I have already received a job offer with Northside. I just wanted to say thank you because I believe everything we discussed as far as resumes, doing mock interviews, appropriate attire, and being confident all came into place with landing this job. I try to pass on the information you helped me with to my classmates. Thank you so much for everything and I hope you continue to inspire others along the way.  Sincerely, Nicole

Hi Nancy, About a year ago you made a huge difference in my life.  I attended your workshop.   I listened to your advice during the workshops and the job coaching sessions. Sure enough, I received an offer.  I took all the information that I learned from your sessions and applied them to the real world. I honestly can say, I love my job! It has been such an amazing adventure and experience. I can't thank you enough for building up my confidence and coaching me on all the latest and greatest of the job searching world. As you know, after ten years of not being in the job search market, my resume was outdated. You truly are great at what you do! I'm so thankful our paths crossed. Thanks again! Sincerely, Felicia

Hi Nancy, I wanted to share my good news personally with you...I got the job!!!!!!!!   I had two interviews and heard the good news yesterday from the recruiter. I guess you were feeling my anxiety as I went through the process, and called to check and make sure I was still alive! Thank you so much for your help with my resume!!! I couldn't have pulled it off without you!!!!! Thank you!!!  Karen

Nancy is amazing.  Information well put together.  Easy to understand and use.  She is pleasant, relevant, her stories kept the class lively and enjoyable.  Thank you!  T. Washington

Nancy, You are brilliant! This looks so clean and the content is keen. You have inspired me to search harder and press my skills more favorably. With this resume, I know the computer parsing will be much more in my favor. Thank you! D.Fleming

Nancy, I am so grateful for your time, help and support.  You have given me the gift of encouragement and hope in a difficult time. Thanks again for all your work with my resume. Best Wishes, Kevin